Take off your shoes and walk out onto the balcony.
At night you’ll hear the sound of the gentle waves that are characteristic of Cozumel’s west coast.
What you will see is a palette of blues feasting your eyes as the Caribbean ocean and sky touch each other
Four suites with an innovative romantic boutique design As you step into your room, a romantic at home feeling will take over.
Guidos Boutique Hotel is the only luxury city hotel with a view over the Caribbean Sea in Cozumel.
With an extraordinary boutique design Guidos Boutique Hotel suites for Family and business meetings.


One of the nice things about staying at Guido’s Boutique Hotel is that you are in the downtown area. These are a few suggestions of things you can do nearby.


3 blocks south of the hotel and in front of the ferry pier is the Parque Juarez. Nice place for a stroll, shopping and to sit and have a drink. Some evenings there’s live music.


Learn about the history, culture and nature of the island. It’s also a good place to have breakfast if you don’t feel like cooking in your suite.Just one block south of the hotel.


Along the waterfront there are some statues and fountains. At the northernmost part you will find a pyramid and some statues depicting the first mass celebrated in the continent.


If there’s one thing that Cozumel is famous for is its spectacular coral reefs. You will have no problem finding a dive shop that fits your likes. Most of these tours will take place within the Cozumel Reefs National Park which was established to protect this world heritage. There’s an entrance fee which will be collected by your dive shop and you should get a new bracelet for each day you dive.


Depending on the time of year you might want to spend a day sailing or fishing in the Caribbean around Cozumel. There are several outfitters which offer these services.


Bird Watching. As famous as Cozumel is for its underwater beauties, the truth is that within the island there’s an amazing amount of birds of which 27 are endemic.


One of the best kept secrets is the fact that Cozumel has the greatest undeveloped yet accessible public beaches in the Western Caribbean. The perimeter road follows the coastline along the eastern side of the island.There are some small restaurants on the circuit where you can have lunch or just relax and have a drink. You might prefer going to one of the many beach clubs on the island.Just head south along the old road and you will find one that fits your tastes.


If you dont like so much action in your vacation, you should enjoy Cozumel`s sunsets on the balcony in our suites. Guidos restaurant offers all kind of longdrinks wich can be delivered in to your suite.